Go get your forbidden ebooks all at once and save money at the same time! Also, beware that the download may take some seconds because the photos (and files) are of high quality. 

This bundle contains:

Forbidden Fruits Vol. I

This ebook is a dedication to all online platforms that classify erotic art as p0rn. It contains exclusive erotic nude photography that I simply can’t share on regular platforms like Instagram, Patreon and so on. I created all images as a photographer and model, together with other amazing models. This work covers the topics ‚Lovers‘, ‚Lips‘ and ‚Selflove‘.

Contains only new and unreleased photo series. Adult content only!

60 pages.

Forbidden Lust Vol. I

This ebook is about my boyfriend and me. It’s a collection of photos that we took of each other and together. It contains erotic nude photography that we created together. Adult content only!

43 pages.

Forbidden Lust Vol. II

‚Forbidden Lust, Vol. II‘ is an ebook love letter to anyone tired of seeing online platforms holding artists back from expressing their work. This ebook is a raw and intimate tribute to the artistic purity of nudity and our desire to share it with you. Adult content only. Contains only new and unreleased photo series.

62 pages.