Hello there! I’m Alexandra, aka Earthling Aderhold, photographer, graphic designer and model from Berlin, Germany.

My love and passion is in erotic nude and fetish art. Crafting fantasies from my imagination and making them into a reality for me and my models to play in is something that excites me like nothing else can. To take something kinky and erotic, then show you how it’s just as worthy of praise and appreciation as anything in a gallery, is my calling.




I create art to empower women. Nudity is a form of art, an art that every woman has the right to express herself through in the medium of their choosing. I aim to inspire people to accept their flaws and imperfections, to show the inherent beauty of what makes us unique and human. Popular media puts a lot of pressure on both women and men alike these days, and we need to remind ourselves sometimes of what is real and natural, and what is not. Every woman has the right to feel beautiful and powerful even at their most vulnerable and exposed.

I also have a strong opinion when it comes to censorship, and in this case it‘s the arbitrary censoring of human body parts on online platforms. Artists that create ‘undesirable‘ content are systematically forced to restrict what they publish and who they are as artists. That happens in various ways and as a result, they‘re excluded from participation. I think that this is intolerable and I want to make a statement with my ebooks. I created some of them on my own and some together with my boyfriend. Not only because he’s also a photographer like me, but because we’re fighting for the same thing!

















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